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Building Muscle and "A Different Life"

Brian Clark has been a hiking enthusiast for years. It’s one of the things he loves most about Boulder, Colorado, where he moved about a decade ago.

But now Brian, 55, has added something new to his activities.

He started lifting weights. And he’s loving it.

“I want to be stronger,” says Brian, a content marketing expert, author, and digital entrepreneur. “I’ve don’t this many times throughout my entire life, but I never really stuck with it because I didn’t have a desire to be Mr. Muscles or anything like that.

“And now after eight months, I’m kind of into it. Like, I want to get bigger now. You decide this at almost 56, and it’s not that easy.”

He started this year with his 18-year-old son, who’s “now a monster, but it’s OK.”

Brian has learned to add protein to his diet and more rest to his routine.

Brian recently launched Further, a newsletter on aging well. He finds weightlifting an inspiring metaphor for life in general, especially after 50.

“We do have this drive to reinvent ourselves and to do things a little bit differently,” he says. “Yet that’s scary. That requires us to change. But if you take the same approach every day, you wake up two years from now and you’ve got a different life.”

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