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A Home For Every Body

Whether you're battling post-surgery osteoporosis or just looking to squeeze in a workout during your lunch break, we have programs designed to fit a myriad of different, yet specific needs.

Guided Training

There are thousands of exercises out there. Knowing which exercise is best at a specific health level is very beneficial. Whether you're looking for post-surgery rehabilitation, help for osteoporosis, or general fitness improvements, our trainers will custom tailor your program and hold you accountable to reaching your goals. 1:1 Personal Training, Spouse, and Small Group Personal Training available.



Addressing osteoporosis as a specific element of training is something that Fit-Rx is uniquely designed for. Our Osteo-Rx program delivers science-backed results for individuals looking to increase their bone density and decrease their risk of bone-related injuries.



A pharmacist-guided, total health program designed to help correct chronic conditions at a cellular level with a combination of training and nutrition coaching. If you have Type II Diabetes, poor cardiovascular health, or weight concerns let us help you attack these challenges head on!

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