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3 Strikes Against New Weight-Loss Drugs

There’s been a lot of news this year about new prescription drugs to fight obesity.

Maybe you’ve heard about these medications -- with names like Wegovy, and Ozempic – and wondered if they could give you a magic solution.

But how far are does your interest go?

Most people lose enthusiasm the more they learn, according to a new poll from KFF, a non-profit group that deals with health policy. It says About 6 in 10 adults are trying to lose weight, and most are interested in a safe, effective medicine. But:

· The percentage of people interested in the medicine falls to 23% if it must be injected rather than given in a pill.

· Only 16% still want it if their insurance won’t pay for it. (Many plans do not cover these drugs, and the list price is about $1,300 a month.)

· Interest crashes to 14% when told they’d gain back the weight once they stopped taking the medication.

The new drugs fight obesity by limiting appetite. Ozempic was developed for diabetes. Wegovy is approved for obesity. Another, called Mounjaro and given the green light for diabetics, could gain obesity approval soon.

Talk to your doctor if you have questions about them. Weight loss can be complicated, and judging others is pointless.

We agree with the KFF findings. There is no magic pill for obesity, at least not yet. Maybe science will create one at some point.

But we have the healthy solution already. You know what it is, and it starts with exercise.

We’re here to help. Let us at Fit-Rx help you to unlock your active life. Click here to schedule your complementary consultation today!!

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