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The Fitness Prescription for Ageless Health

Fit-Rx Fort Collins


Welcome to Fit-Rx Fort Collins, where we're dedicated to transforming lives through movement freedom. It is our commitment to help you live an exciting and active life, whether you're seeking increased strength, power, balance, stamina, or improved bone density. At Fit-Rx, we believe that age is just a number, and we're here to redefine aging for everyone. Our specialized team utilizes cutting-edge equipment and programming, to provide the best possible results. From personalized guidance for post-surgery recovery, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, and other chronic conditions, to those wanting to keep crushing their bucket list, we offer safe and effective solutions for all ages and fitness levels. Join us at Fit-Rx, your gateway to a vibrant and fulfilling life, where we empower you to achieve your best fitness and enjoy every moment. Step into our private and welcoming environment in Fort Collins, and let's embark on this journey of redefining aging together."


World-Class Technology

We use revolutionary training equipment that is specifically designed to provide low impact exercises that are gentle on the joints, while still providing the most effective workout you'll ever do.

Comprehensive Approach

Proper training for longevity requires more than just moving dumbbells up and down. At Fit-Rx, we address all aspects of fitness including balance, memory, bone density, speed, strength, and power.

Less Time, More Results

Our 30 minute training sessions are more efficient AND just as effective as long, arduous workouts. No longer do you have to struggle to make fitness fit into your schedule.


"Amazing facility, super clean environment, awesome/safe equipment, and great personal trainers. If you struggle with injuries or don't move around as well as you used to, then you NEED to talk to Kirk at Fit-Rx!"

-Brady Butler

Fort Collins, CO

Wonderful gym Kirk has started! Laid back and friendly atmosphere, up to date info on best fitness strategies as we age, and the best equipment. Michael is an excellent trainer.

-Mary D.

Fort Collins, CO

"Workout like no other. Kirk is a wealth of knowledge and so personable. Targeted to the older population to keep us up and about. Amiable and welcoming space. I felt all sorts of neglected muscles being activated. ALSO, he has equipment targeted to address bone density and neuropathy."

-Linda Kleiman

Fort Collins, CO

"I’m just starting, but could tell IMMEDIATELY, this is a Huge Game changer on my brain injury, circulation, & targeted muscle strengthening with state of the art equipment! Plus an AFFORDABLE PERSONAL TRAINER!!!!!"

-Mollie Schlesser

Fort Collins, CO

I am so glad I found Fit-Rx. I like coming to the one-on-one and small group sessions. I know that I've built up strength and balance over the past several months, and I plan to continue. Kirk and Michael are always in good spirits and genuinely want me to be the best I can be.

-Judy Rodriguez

Fort Collins, CO

"This is a truly unique gym. I love the cutting-edge equipment and personalized, age-sensitive training I'm receiving with Kirk.

FIT-Rx allows me to focus on strength, balance, and cognitive development.

What I'm learning will allow me to enjoy the activities I enjoy for many more years!"

-Julia Hopkins

Fort Collins, CO

The entire Fit-Rx team is great. The personal training, classes, and atmosphere are unexpectedly fun compared to other gyms I’ve tried. The expertise, patience, guidance and cheerful people are special and truly appreciated. I wish my friends in other cities and states could find this level and style of fitness programs. 

-Patrice J.

Fort Collins, CO

This is unlike the typical gym. The equipment is state of art, and is designed for low impact strength training and cardiovascular health.
Trainers Kirk and Michael evaluate individual members for their current abilities and strengths, and personalize programs to enhance strength, movement and mental acuity through physical fitness.
The overall program is excellent and the staff is highly knowledgeable and professional in their coaching technique. They are familiar with each member's abilities and are focused on their success.
I highly recommend Fit-RX.

-Monte Glaser

Fort Collins, CO

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Movement Freedom = Life Freedom

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